Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Week of Recipes

Eating healthy and tasty meals can really be a challenge. I just spent the past hour+ scouring the internet via Pinterest and a collection of my favorite blogs to try and put together a meal plan for us this week. I have my own go-to recipes that I regularly make, but no matter how yummy they are, they can get boring, so I am always trying to find new ideas for dinners.

I realize many of you are probably facing the same dilemma, and you may struggle to find the time to search for new recipes, so I'm thinking about sharing my weekly meal plan on this blog each weekend--as long as I manage to be organized enough to make it myself! Be forewarned--Luke and I love Mexican food, so there will usually be plenty of that.

A week of meals: 1.27.13-2.2.13

Sunday night: Burrito Bowls. This is a tried and true favorite, my own recipe. I promise I'll post it soon, but until then, here is a link to one I found that looks tasty.

Photo from The Shiksa in the Kitchen blog (

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Tuesday Night: We always do meals with our church Life Group on Tuesdays, so you are on your own here.

Wednesday Night: Butternut Squash Croquettes and Boiled Asparagus

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Thursday Night: Mexican Haystacks

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I hope these recipe ideas serve as a resource and inspiration to anyone who is pursuing, alongside us, the goal of living a healthier life.


  1. Mexican week?? Ha. I have a Quinoa recipe I need to share with you. Hey are you aiming vegan with this blog?

  2. Haha, every week is mexican week.
    I'd love your Quinoa recipe! :-)
    And no, not necessarily. Luke and I have been trying to make our diet be less meat based, but we aren't vegan or even vegetarian. However, vegan recipes are often really healthy, which is a huge goal of mine, so I like using them!